Dazzling Disney Mickey Mouse Reversible Earrings

In 1928, Disney’s beloved Mickey Mouse began his path to stardom when he appeared in Walt Disney’s animated short, “Steamboat Willie.”

Now, in celebration of Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary in November 2018, we proudly introduce these Dazzling Disney Earrings.

Price:$99.00 US


Licensed from Disney and handcrafted and plated in gleaming sterling silver, these hoop-style, completely reversible earrings combine two classic images of Mickey Mouse to honor the laughter, joy and delight he continues to bring to his millions of fans.

What a delightful way to show off Mickey Mouse’s winning personality and amusing antics!

Each side of your earrings features Disney art in 18K gold-plated mouse-ear frames – one side boasts the black and white art of Mickey Mouse as he appeared in 1928 set against a bright red background, while the other side shows the colorful Mickey Mouse of today against a silver background.

The open-work design is set with 18 stunning crystals – 9 per earring – allowing the crystals to sparkle from both sides. Plus, each earring features a shimmering decorative outside edge.

  • Measure 1″ H; 2.5 cm H
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